Legal services and consultations


Appeal of tax audit’s acts, of acts for set-offs, decisions and orders for enforced collection, advice in the field of tax planning.

Appeal of administrative acts, including penal orders of different authorities (violations included in the Act of the Ministry of interior, Act on road traffic, violation on Tax and Customs legislation and others).

Registration, re-registration, transformation and termination of commercial and sole-trader companies. Deals with commercial enterprises; consultations related to all kinds of commercial deals; preparation of all kinds of commercial contracts and participation in negotiations; procedural representation on cases related to contracts and trade deals.

Bank loans, collecting companies, consumer disputes.

Copyrights, trade marks, know-how, patents and others.

Procedural representation before the Commission on protection of competition and all court instances

Legal consultations, participation in negotiations and preparation of all kinds of documents /contracts, projects of documents/ in relation to conclusion of deals.

Preparation of preliminary contracts and notary deeds in relation to acquisition of property rights or limited property rights to real estates; checks on the legal status of a real estate, third party rights on the latter, checks on presence of burdens; preparation of contracts for rent of real estates; termination of contracts

Consultations, preparation of documentations for participation and assistance for participation in all kinds of procedures on the ground of the Act of public procurements and the Ordinance for commissioning of small public orders.

Procedural representation before all court instances and administrative and tax authorities.

Procedural representation before courts of Arbitration.

Bulgarian, English and Russian.


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